As you write your paper you should keep in mind the quotations.

Analyze the most important aspects of chapter two. Tell me in your intro what the themes of the chapter are, why you chose it, what a student of history ought to learn from it, what you might have learned that surprised you or if you learned something that you never knew.
As you write your paper you should keep in mind the quotations. What lessons of history might we learn? What truths can we discover? What IS history? What, if anything, did you learn about human nature in your chapter?
Try to ask questions, don’t jump to conclusions, and be open to learning about things from a different or new perspective. You should try to be cautious and fair about drawing conclusions, and you need to look clearly at all the evidence.

Health Care

Each unit starting with week 4 includes a relevant journal article.

Determining brain death (
Each unit starting with Week 4 includes a relevant journal article. These articles are optional, but can be reviewed for extra credit. Read the article, then write and submit a 2-3 page, approximately 800-1000 word, double-spaced and formally written Article Review, using the attached Journal Article Review resources and rubric as a guide. Be sure to include a title page and reference with your submission.
Note that a Journal Article Review is NOT simply a summary of the article, but also includes the following components:
1. What is the purpose of this article? (this section includes a BRIEF summary of the article)
2. Why is it important to investigate or examine the subject of the article?
3. How are the authors carrying out the task? Are their methods and comments appropriate and adequate to the task?
4. What do they claim to have found out? Are the findings clearly stated?
5. How does this advance knowledge in the field?
Your Journal Article Review will be evaluated for:
appropriate article selection,
appropriate style,
a discussion of major points presented in the article,
clearly and articulate writing,
a well organized discussion of the major points,
and your thoughts, opinions and what you learned from the article.
Use the Journal Article Review grading rubric as a guide to make sure that you are meeting the expected requirements.

Risk Management


In this assignment, detail and analyze one significant community hazard for the state of Arkansas OR Oklahoma. This hazard can be a hazardous material, industrial plant, shipping path, community health problem, or any other hazard which should be addressed in a Community Risk Reduction Plan. After detailing the hazard, the student should give an analysis of the following and how it coincides with the hazard:
fire codes (ref National Fire Incident Reporting System),
Agencies and protocols have relevance for managing that hazard.
For example, if the hazard chosen is the transportation of motor fuel on an interstate that passes through your community, relevant agencies would include the State Highway Patrol, OSHA, and DOT, as well as the agency (likely Fire Department) that would respond to emergencies.
Remember that this is not an exercise in cutting and pasting, but in understanding and applying.


How does that matter for today, when we discuss how these people were not able to participate in the market economy for ~250 years (1619-1865)?

Follow the Money!
Search an American company or school/university that made money off of the enslaved, during the Transatlantic slave trade
List the company below, and complete the questions in #3 below
What is the significance of this company/institution making money off the backs of enslaved people? How does that matter for today, when we discuss how these people were not able to participate in the market economy for ~250 years (1619-1865)? What is the company/school VALUED at (or what is their endowment) today?
Reply to another classmate, and share what YOU think that company should do to make amends for their role (trust me, they can afford it…)

Social Work

Belmont, ca] this lesson covers chapters 5 & 6.***

Design a framework (a “How To” guide) to guide both ethically and culturally competent/humble research. What are the steps that you would take to ensure that your research process meets those ethical and culturally competent standards? What components would be necessary to include in the research process? This should be a guide that can be used with any specific study, so there is no need to give examples. You can simply list the components of the framework rather than drawing a diagram or flow chart.
***Just as a reference on the class that I am taking; we are using the book [Rubin, A., & Babbie, E. R. (2015). Essential research methods for social work (4th ed.). Belmont, CA] This lesson covers Chapters 5 & 6.***


Your scholarly activity is to be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title page or references page.

fir=4302- Unit III Scholarly Activity
In this unit, you have looked at how you can deal with conflicts, complaints, and mistakes and how to use a process when it comes to following personnel rules.
For this assignment, you will need to research court cases, news articles, or other types of publications that detail a conflict, complaint, or mistake made in the personnel management arena. After reading about the situation, you will need to compare it with the methodologies and strategies discussed in the lesson and chapter of the book Ward, M. J. (2021). Fire officer: Principles and practice
After identifying your example, you will need to meet the requirements below.
Introduce the chosen situation.
Explain the situation and the outcome.
Compare and contrast the processes that were or should have been used to handle each type of problem.
Propose recommendations and solutions that could, or should, have been used.
Should the problem have been handled in the same manner, or are different procedures for handling each needed? Why?
This assignment is designed for you to incorporate information learned up to this point of the Ward, M. J. (2021). Fire officer: Principles and practice
Your scholarly activity is to be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title page or references page. You must include at least two references, one of which can be your textbook. Please adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting is necessary.


The presentation should contain a title slide and at leat 4 content slides.

The presentation should meet these criteria:
The presentation should contain a title slide and at leat 4 content slides.
The presentation should have an appropriate theme.
The title slide should contain the title, Barry’s Landscaping Service, and asubtitle, Bensenville, Indiana.
The presentation should contain at least one or two clips or pictures on each slide.
The clips and pictures should be appropriately resized.
The 7 x 7 rule should be followed throughoutthe presentation.
The font size of the title text should be larger than the content paragraph text.
Important text should be italicized and/or bolded.
Different font colors could be used to convey meaning.
Spacing between elements in the presentation should be appropriate.
The presentation, as a whole, should be visually appealing.
A transitions should be applied to the all slides in the presentation.
The presentation should not contain spelling or grammar errors.
Submit the presentation in pptx format.



Case stude details attached
Primary diagnosis: Major Depressive Disorder, single episode, moderate with anxious distress
Patient was started on Zoloft 50mg. 1 tablet at night for 30 days with 1 refill.
1. As a practitioner, is this an appropriate dose for the patient?
2. The patient was given one refill, was your plan to follow up in 8 weeks?
3. Would this medication also help with patient’s anxiety? if so how?


You are to create a scope and sequence for year 12 studies of religion.

You are to create a Scope and Sequence for Year 12 Studies of Religion. Within the Scope and Sequence, you are to have the correct syllabus outcomes as well as other information necessary for the Scope and Sequence.
Following the creation of the Scope and Sequence, you are to write a Justification as to why you designed the Scope and Sequence in this order and how and why the syllabus outcomes are where they are within the Scope.
Attached is a template that you can use for the Scope and Sequence however, if you wish to use one from NESA that is ok.
Also, attached is the assignment ‘question’ as well as the marking criteria.
Many thanks.


Students identify a research question within the field of interpersonal

1,250 to 1,750 words in length with reference page
Students identify a research question within the field of Interpersonal
Communication and prepare a literature review. The goal is to update
the literature review section of an older article to include the
newer work you would have to include if you were replicating their
work. Your paper, including citations, must be formatted according
to APA 7th Edition guidelines for student papers.
Information needs to be gathered from 5-9 research-based sources
Well organized. A clear structure that places sources into a
conversation. Detailed conclusions are reached from the evidence
offered. Research question(s) or hypotheses are formed through
the literature review and clearly stated. Information is cited
& referenced properly in APA 7th Edition along with intext citations.
minimal use of quotes.