The job title is misleading.

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So for this paper we will choose 3 HR/OB (human resources or organizational behavior) issues with the company TECHTRONIC INDUSTRIES (my last job) and then we will apply approaches from “The Goal” book to solve them. Both the book and directions are enclosed. Paper is APA format up to level 5 but he said level two (minimum) is fine. We’re aiming for 21 pages of actual content here and then 9 pages of extras (title page and references). He said it’s supposed to be a 30 page paper but that’s including the title page, reference pages, etc. so and long as we include some extra reference pages, we will be good.

Here are the issues I was thinking we could discuss for the company:
1. The job title is misleading. “Event Marketing Specialist” and “Field Sales and Marketing Representative” are the job titles but you basically end up working as a vendor at Home Depot. Many people call the role a “glorified home depot employee”. Because of this, there is no work satisfaction when you’re basically a tool vendor at Home Depot all day.
2. No advancement. If you want a promotion, you must bend over backwards to upsell tools and also move to a different city (Anderson, SC). At a certain point it’s either leave or move across the country.
3. There is bad work-life balance. Lack of breaks, and breaks are too short. Forced to work weekends.
Some extra points:
-this company preys on recent college graduates. You also feel like you have very little control over the metrics by which they grade you.
-You are expected to “takeover” the store with your product, but if the store manager can’t/ won’t let you then you’re out of luck (the store manager is different than your manager since TTI employees work as TTI vendors at the store, not store employees).
-It’s about who you know in this particular company and there is a lot of favoritism that causes the overall morale of the building to be extremely low
There are more negatives and points you can find at
If you want, you can make an Indeed account, leave a quick fake job review (so you can get access to the other reviews) so you can use some of their points in your arguments. Should only take a few minutes. Obviously you don’t have to do this since I’m not sure if it’s needed but it may help so you can see some of the issues listed by other employees. Or you can just ask me, I will be around to answer questions about the job.
Company website:
The company owns and sells the tool brands like Milwaukee and Ryobi and have their employees be vendors at stores like Home Depot and Walmart basically trying to upsell their tools.
Format is APA and we will need a title page, abstract, etc.
Class is MBA230 Behavioral Science Application Management.
Also we will be making the paper into a powerpoint presentation. You can just summarize it there.
If I remember anything else, I will let you know. Feel free to ask any questions, thanks.

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