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I have placed two orders with you, but please be mindful that this paper is turabian (/chicago) citation style, unlike the other one.

1. Please read the attached paper requirements first and then read this. These are my notes on how to write this that were not included in the requirement.
2. Please feel free to choose any art non-profit organization that you like that is in the US, and the professor has said that it is way better and easier to choose the organization because its investment / budget / overall money size is smaller, less than 1 million. It is much much easier when it comes to the Section 2 finances part.
3. I am including all the class lectures and readings because the professor has suggested that the grading is more on how well you know the class readings and can incorporate the theories and methods in the paper. It is not about how much you know this specific art non-profit organization.
4. The professor has stated that each section should have a thesis statement if you plan to have the two parts completely separate. If you want to write the whole thing together, then there should be one thesis statement that comprehensively concludes the paper.
5. For Section 1, please put the exact mission statement in the text, with proper citation. It is also asked that you interpret the mission statement, to use the words in the mission statement to elaborate on why you choose this and what you are going to do with it.
6. If you are citing the class lecture, please refer to the Turabian (/Chicago) citation style’s citation method under “oral or written communication.”
7. The questions listed in the paper requirement are dimensions that the paper should be exploring, it should go beyond just answering the questions, and really about showing the understanding of class reading and lectures (more on readings.)
8. I have placed two orders with you, but please be mindful that this paper is Turabian (/Chicago) citation style, unlike the other one.
9. Please contact me if you cannot create an account at, but I think it should be open to the public. And some organizations may not have a full financial record on, in this case, please check the IRS. They should definitely have it.
10. I understand this is a more complicated paper, but I do hope to get a good grade on this. And I hope to work together with you on all the future papers. So I placed the order for 5 pages, but the requirement is 1000 words maximum (not including the mission statement.)
PS. The files are in the order of time, the professor does require a comprehensive understanding of everything, but I think the more important readings are: Landesmann_How the United States Funds the Arts.pdf, TylerCowen_2006_2IndirectSubsidiesThe_GoodAndPlentyTheCreat.pdf, ArmsLengthArts_Chartrand.pdf, Byrnes Mngmnt-and-the-Arts_Ch6.pdf, Stein Bathhurst pp 94-97.pdf, Byrnes Management and the Art Chapter 3.pdf.
I know it is too much to read everything, but I think take a look at the pptx files definitely, and whichever part that u think should go deeper, then look for the text that is related to the pptx. Thank you so much!


To complete this assignment, you will use power bi software that is located within the virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi).

To measure the financial performance of any company, it is important to analyze its four key financial statements: balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and shareholders’ equity statements. In this assignment, you will:
Visually present the balance sheet to depict what each company owns and what it owes over the past three years.
Visually present the income statement to depict how much money a company made and spent over the past three years.
The visual presentation and analysis will help you understand and compare the performance of both the companies to be acquired and eventually will help you build your recommendation for the acquisition.
Use the provided data sets of Company A and Company B to create data visualizations of their financial performance in Power BI. Then, based on the visualizations, write an executive summary interpreting the financial performance of Company A and Company B. Include screenshots from your data visualizations as needed in your summary. Follow the directions in the Power BI Executive Summary Assignment User Manual.
To complete this assignment, you will use Power BI software that is located within the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).
Specifically, you must address the following criteria:
Assets, Liability, and Equity: Summarize how the assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity have changed over three years for Company A and Company B. Include screenshots of your data visualization as follows:
Company A: In Power BI, use the provided Company A Financials and construct a set of three clustered column charts, representing:
The assets of Company A as represented in the data during each of the three years
The liabilities and owners’ equity over the same three years
Company B: In Power BI, use the provided Company B Financials and construct a set of three clustered column charts, representing:
The assets of Company B as represented in the data during each of the three years
The liabilities and owners’ equity over the same three years

Revenue and Earnings: Use the provided income statements to summarize the gross revenue and net earnings for Company A and Company B over three years. Include screenshots of your data visualization as follows:
Company A: In Power BI, use the provided Company A Financials document and construct a line chart illustrating the visual relationship of revenue, gross profit, total expenses, earnings before tax, net earnings, and taxes.
Company B: In Power BI, use the provided Company B Financials document and construct a line chart illustrating the visual relationship of revenue, gross profit, total expenses, earnings before tax, net earnings, and taxes.
Conclusion : Summarize your observations about the financial performance of both companies. Include any insights you may have about their performance trends or how they have performed compared to each other over the past three years.
Guidelines for Submission
Submit a 2- to 3-page Word document using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.


Did it?


1. Emigration, good or bad – and from whose point of view? Discuss with respect to
the experience of one sending or receiving country (or one or more groups within
these countries) during the period of mass migration, 1870-1914.

2. It is often argued that the pre-WWI gold standard facilitated international trade and
foreign investment. Did it? If so, how; if not, why not?

3. Did the expansion of international trade 1870-1914 foster convergence in the
Atlantic community? Explain why it did or did not and support your argument
with qualitative and/or qualitative evidence.
The essay should be no longer than 6 double-spaced pages (roughly 1800 words). The
general idea is to choose a topic and define it sufficiently well that you can treat it
seriously within the prescribed space. Suggested topics are broad and thus require
considerable narrowing and refinement. Readings included in the course syllabus will
provide you with a sufficient set of references for your essay but feel free to add
material as you see fit.


If an elementary school student is having difficulty learning math, what are the possible cognitive issues that could be interfering with the student’s learning?

If an elementary school student is having difficulty learning math, what are the possible cognitive issues that could be interfering with the student’s learning? For each cognitive issue you identify, what other deficits might also be observed? Focus on possible cognitive deficits while providing examples to support your thinking.


publish an executive summary of your crr plan.

Wildland Fire Mitigation – How to conduct it, and implement a risk reduction plan for wildland fire mitigation, identify graphs about Colorado’s wildland fire problems. Use the five Es. Develop a community risk reduction plan using the five Es – Education, Engineering, Enforcement, Emergency Response, and Economic Incentives.
publish an executive summary of your CRR plan. In your summary, identify the material and tactics that you learned during this course.
If you implemented this plan for your community, how would you expect firefighters and other community members to react to it?
What did you learn about CRR during the CRR process?
How has CRR changed your views on the fire service and our role as community members?

Human Services

First discussion post

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With your current identity, which of these three cultures, Greek, Sumerian or Roman societies would you want to live in? Give three substantive supports for your answer, taken from these or other references.
Please Note: Each discussion response must have a minimum of 125 words, spell checked, well written and citing references in support of arguments. Be sure to also respond to at least two classmates later in the week (making for a minimum of three posts total. More are encouraged)
As a woman, I don’t think that any of the ancient societies would be advantageous for the me to live in. If I had to choose one of the 3 cultures/societies, I would have to choose Ancient Greek, specifically Spartan. One of the reasons would have to be the simply fact that I would still be able to have my independence which is very important to me. I feel as if I have found my voice at a very young age and I can’t see myself giving that up for anything or anyone. To have the ability to live in an ancient civilization and not have to worry about being restricted as one would in other civilizations, is important. Coming for a Middle Eastern background, there are some aspects of the Ancient Sumerian society that still exist within the laws and social interactions. There are things that I, a modern woman, do not agree with. Another reason would be the amount of intellectual capital that the Greeks had. What the Greeks had to contribute to the politics, arts, and education are all things made me think about where I would want to be. Knowledge is power, power builds communities, and communities change the world. When it comes to Greeks, they have done that. Lastly, I would have to say that the ancient Greeks’ values were something that I have admired. The principles of loyalty, honor and a strong sense of community pulled me closer to culture. These are values that I hold dear to my heart.
Shaw, J. P. (n.d.). Western civilization and human development. Lumen. Retrieved September 25, 2022, from
If I had to choose between the three different cultures of ancient times, I would choose Ancient Greek. In our article, “Greek views of Human Nature”, it states the Ancient Greeks viewed people as “greatly flawed” and having an attitude of “hubris”, however, it is also written that the embraced the “notion” of Eudaimonia” or better said, “human flourishing” (Greek Views on Human Nature; Campbell, J).
I like that the Greeks were encouraged to invest in themselves. Ancient Greeks are known for their contributions in art, poetry, education, philosophy and “athletic excellence” (Greek Views). I’d like to think that I would have flourished in Ancient Greece given the ability to grow as an individual and be applauded for it,
The roles of women during this time were not entirely different from most of the roles I carry now. They are of wife, mother, and housekeeper ( In Athens, a women’s status was pretty much equal to that of a slave (www.Griek-les). I would choose Sparta because women were considered far more important because they recognized that an educated woman could take over the business and household and keep them running efficiently while the men were gone for long periods of time in battle (Bartleby). Because of this, women were allotted education, to run their own business and even own property. At one time, over 60% of the properties owned were by women. Women in Ancient Greek times were also allowed to make wills, inherit wealth, get paid in jobs and free slaves.
The Ancient Greeks were far from perfect, but I wonder, if the people of those times were given a choice, strictly based on the treatment and freedoms of our time, would they choose now, or then?
Greek Views and Human Nature, article
Campbell, J. (1968/1949). The hero with a thousand faces. New York, NY: Pantheon Books.
Note from me the customer: I’m a Black woman African American.
Please reply to both discussion Posts above. Thank you


Describe the trip you would take, whether by car, airplane, or boat.

In this unit, you were introduced to people who had to flee their home countries due to war or for economic reasons. For this discussion, you are asked to imagine the United States engaged in a second civil war. Due to this all-encompassing war, there is no place in this country where you believe your family to be safe. You decide to pack up your household and emigrate to another country. Your responses to the following should be in narrative form, including 2 or 3 paragraphs.
Where would you go?
Name the country you would emigrate to
Describe in detail how and why you decided that would be the best place for your family
How would you get there?
Describe the trip you would take, whether by car, airplane, or boat. If not by the family car, who would meet you when you arrive?
Depending on the form of transportation, what would you take with you? Why?
What would you have to do to assimilate to your new situation?
What language would you have to learn?
How might the new location affect the foods you eat?
Would you have to dress any differently because of the weather or the culture?
What cultural components would you miss most?
What would be the hardest part of your emigration? Choose one of the following and describe your feelings about it.
Leaving extended family and friends behind
Leaving your home and your possessions
Adapting to a new culture


Discuss this in terms of ethical data collection.

After watching “The Great Hack” documentary and reviewing the PowerPoint slides; discuss how big data is similar to data collection in behavioral science research. What is the issue with the unregulated use of individual data being sold to companies for profit? Discuss this in terms of ethical data collection. What key elements are missing (think of informed consent)? Do you think that we should adopt data rights and if so, what would that look like?


Research methods – examine your understanding of best practices in organizational research

Comprehensive Examination
Student: Caleb Simmons
Date emailed: Monday, September 26, 2022
Exam Due Date:
Exam an Automatic Failure if not received by:
Standard Time

Good Morning!

This email provides you with instructions for your comprehensive exam. We recognize the hard work and commitment required to get to this point in your academic career at OU. Please know that we want you to not only pass your exam but to do so with excellence. These instructions provide a roadmap to help you succeed during your comprehensive-exam journey. So carefully review and follow the instructions below.

Comprehensive Exam – General Descriiption

The Organizational Leadership (OL)/Administrative Leadership (AL) comprehensive exam asks you to demonstrate your knowledge across the entire curriculum of the OL/AL program. Unlike an assignment you complete in a single course, the comprehensive exam requires you to integrate the knowledge acquired throughout your course-of-study in the OL/AL program. The exam will present you with four broad questions from the following general areas:

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Learning – Discuss the role of interdisciplinarity when leading
Research Methods – Examine your understanding of best practices in organizational research
Core Study Area – Explore knowledge about your specific track in the OL program (organizational leadership, nonprofit/volunteer, or government/military)
Critical Analysis of Readings – Analyze the strengths and limitations of prior leadership literature

Please see the attached file with your four specific comprehensive exam questions.

Timeframe & Deadlines

You have two weeks to return your four exam responses. We do not accept exams after the due date and missing the deadline results in automatic failure.

Your Comprehensive Exam Committee has a minimum of two weeks to score your exam.

Grading Criteria and Passing Scores (Grading Rubric)

The attached grading rubric identifies the four criteria that your Comprehensive Exam Committee will use to evaluate your exam. We strongly recommend that you invest time in studying the comprehensive grading rubric thoroughly. If you do, you will discover (1) how your work will be evaluated, and (2) what you need to do to succeed.

What if I Don’t Pass My Exam?

OL/AL students have two opportunities to take the exam. If you attend to the grading criteria provided in the rubric, and you invest time in studying the Comprehensive Exam Tutorial Video (see below), you will likely do well. However, if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, you may receive a second opportunity to take the comprehensive at the discretion of your exam committee. If you do not achieve a minimum 7.0 score on one or two questions, you only need to retake the exam in those areas in a subsequent semester. However, if you do not achieve a 7.0 in three or four content areas, you will need to retake the entire exam. You will receive new questions for any necessary retakes. As with the initial exam, you will have two weeks to respond.

Correct Format & Writing Guidelines

You should submit ONE Microsoft Word document that contains all four of your responses. The Comprehensive Exam Canvas course (see the Writing and APA tab of the Home page) provides you with an APA-formatted template to help you organize your response. For more information about how to use the template, watch the
Comprehensive Exam Tutorial Video.

Important – You should prepare four separate reference lists corresponding to each question. Place each of these four reference lists immediately following your response to each of the four questions. Said another way, your response to each question should present a separate set of references. Do NOT compile one reference list for all of your responses. Also, make sure that you adhere strictly to APA guidelines outlined in the PACS APA Guide, based on the 7th edition of the APA manual.


Plagiarism is a matter that OU takes very seriously and will quickly disqualify your exam from grading consideration. Put simply, if you plagiarize, you will not pass your exam, and you risk being expelled from the university. Because several different types of plagiarism exist, some students unintentionally engage in this practice, and as a result, they suffer the unfortunate consequences. We do not want these consequences to happen to you. To avoid these severe problems, we strongly urge you to:
Familiarize yourself with the university’s plagiarism policies – You will find information about these policies on the Avoid Plagiarism tab of the Comprehensive Exam Canvas course. Pay particular attention to the information about self-plagiarism.
Watch the Plagiarism and TurnItIn Tutorial – The video (which is on the Avoid Plagiarism tab) provides detailed information about how to (1) avoid plagiarism and (2) interpret TurnItIn reports.
Use the Check the Originality of Your Writing assignment (which is on the Avoid Plagiarism tab) to generate TurnItIn reports for each of your responses BEFORE submitting your exam for evaluation – Just follow the step-by-step instructions in Canvas.

Whether or not you take the time to review and understand the plagiarism policies, it is your responsibility to adhere to the requirements, and we will hold you accountable for them.

Comprehensive Exam Tutorial Video

To succeed on the exam, it is imperative that you watch the Comprehensive Exam Tutorial Video.
The tutorial provides valuable information about the exam process as well as how your committee will evaluate your exam.


Just following the format of this sample should be good.

Now that you have updated your physicians on the state of the lab, it’s time to choose a new test to add to the lab menu. The doctors have some ideas which they have forwarded to you. You can only add one test this year, and you must choose that test from the list of tests that the doctors requested. This list is on your Lab Data Sheet. You’ll need to support your decision with primary literature, journal articles from peer-reviewed journals. Choose your test and then build an annotated bibliography to support your choice. You will need five references.
You can use this resource to guide your creation of your annotated bibliography:
Use the APA style.
Once you have the annotated bibliography, you need to create another memo about 1 page long, explaining which test that you chose and how the new test will need to be validated. Again, just hit the high points for the doctors. Tell them the basic steps you will follow to validate the test and give them an estimated timeline.
To complete this assignment successfully, work through the following steps:
1. Review the test list provided for your chosen laboratory. Choose a test to add to your menu. (Chosen test: Urine myoglobin)
2. Search the primary literature for recent articles that talk about your chosen test. Method comparisons, validation studies, and analyte discovery studies are the best types of studies to find.
3. Create a five-reference annotated bibliography using the references that you found. Choose the best resources generated by your search. By best, I mean those that show how valuable the test could be to patient care.
4. Write the memo explaining validation. It should be addressed to the physicians in the practice. It should be 1-2 pages long, single-spaced, and in 12 point font. Include your annotated bibliography in the memo as support for your choice of test.
5. Edit your memo for clarity, concise language, spelling, and grammar.
* Please use APA style and my chosen test is urine myoglobin. I need 5 references in my annotated bibliography. Everything is single-spaced and in 12-point font. One page is the annotated bibliography, one is the validation memo.
*A sample is attached. Just following the format of this sample should be good.